The Last Amendment Eagle
The Last Amendment

The first anti-woke film, ever.

Funded by people of good will and reason.

Help Us Fund This Movie

The future of our children is still up to a vote. Will you cast yours?

Woke ideologues are coming for your children. They want to strip them of basic knowledge and common sense. With this film and your support, we will help more people to see sense in a smart rather than woke future and have a good laugh.

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The future of this film lies in your hands.

Your support is not just another number but a vote. Set to show that we are not alone and stand united in our respect of human reasoning.

All money collected will go towards production of the feature film THE LAST AMENDMENT which will both entertain and warn people of what might be coming if we don’t fight back

Together we can succeed in fighting the toxic WOKE narrative.

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This film is a story of what is now a very, very possible future. A future in which woke culture reigns uninhibited, destroys all good sense, and threatens to amend and ignore the laws of physics in the process. It takes one simple man to stop the doomsday… and get punished for it.

Co-producer credits on the movie and IMDb, as well as backstage access are available for sponsors with $1,000 + contribution. If you are interested in becoming a co-producer contact us here.